Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Website Designers / Developers

How do you tactfully suggest to someone that there website design skills are sitting in the 90's?

I have opportunity to do some work for a web design and hosting company. Going through their profile and looking at their work, I come to the distinct conclusion that they are still in the 1990's and web 1.0.

Even their own site is boring, and hurtful to the eyes. Most of the sites that they have designed, have a similar style look and feel, and layout.

The graphics are shocking. Granulated. Some sites do not even work correctly. Yet they claim to be a professional outfit.

Maybe they are. Maybe their web design and development team are just not that good.

So how do you tell them that their websites are really bad, and that they need your services? How do you tell them in such a way that they will be willing to take you on as well as not being offended?

I covet you suggestions. Leave me a note.