Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Google's G1 phone hacked

It was only a matter of time wasn't it? Some bored teenager hacked the iPhone a while back. But that's not all. No sooner had the G1 been released when someone decided to hack Google's latest pride and joy.

Although not as impressive as the iPhone hack. The G1 hack is none the less significant. The hack has the potential to turn the G1 into a brick. As reported here:

The hackers have managed to jailbreak the G1 by taking advantage of a massive loophole in Android.

Android is the open source operating system supplied by Google.

Apparently some Linux geeks hacked the G1 and gained root access in about one minute. They used a widely available PTerminal application to telnet to the device`s IP address.

The hack gives the hacker complete system, or root,access. This means that they will complete administrator rights which comes with full read-and-write functionality of the Operating System. Basically they could do what they liked.

Makes you think doesn't it. If you are one of the big boys, and you make a statement or launch a product. There is always some hacker waiting to throw some pie in your face.

A Google spokesman said the company plans to distribute a patch that will close the loophole.