Monday, July 7, 2008

Social Bookmark Sites to Help Improve Page Rank

Do social bookmark sites really help drive traffic to your site. Do they help in improving your sites page ranking. I wonder? It seems to me to be a catch 22 situation. In order for people to bookmark your site. They have to find it first. If people can find your site. What's the point in bookmarking it, if its just to drive traffic and improve rankings..

Well I am unsure about this. Seeing that I am also learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and have come across many sites that suggest this. I am going to try it. Apparently there is a lot of merit in bookmarking. I can see why. If you can get as many inbound links to your site the better.

But bookmarking is largely a human intervention. How do you get people to bookmark your site or blog if they do not know it exists or don’t really care. This is part of my overall research. It seams that it is but a part in a whole series of things to do to improve page rank and popularity.

So lets put it to the test.

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I am trying to claim this blog through Technorati. Lets see if it works.

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